Ps4 slim disc drive issues

So, for a while I’ve been having issues with my disc reader, it started as just spitting the disc out when it was halfway through, trying around 3 times would go just fine, that’s issue n°1

Then, in some occasions the disc would be inserted and some weird noises would come out of it and the ps4 would say that it was an Unknown Disc, that’s issue n°2. I realized that the noises that should come from the drive when i booted up, so i started waiting 5-10mins after the boot to insert the disc and it would work normally(issue 1 still could happen.)
But just now it started not getting the disc at all. I try to push a bit and nothing happens.

During these moments i took to someone to fix, the guy said that he didn’t see anything wrong, just that the Blu ray reader was old and had to be replaced, even after replacing the reader the issues kept going and i had to take it to the guy again, he said there was nothing wrong and in the same day i got it back, issue n°2 happened, that’s why I came up with this idea of just waiting a few minutes after the boot, but now i don’t have many choices.

Does anyone know what this could be? Maybe get some extra clarification since the guy said he didn’t see anything wrong with it