PS4 Slim Unusual BLOD case

Hello everyone.

Today i wanna discuss my customer PS4 Slim that has BLOD case which is a little bit unusual. So i’m starting with the PS4 slim motherboard type which is SAE-004 with symptom like below;

The PS4 did power on but only giving indicator blue light pulse around 10 sec and then turn off. The unusual one is because the fan did turn on for a sec which mean the power supply is good (and i tried with a new power supply too) and when i tried to measuring voltage on the fan, it does have value until the blue light pulse turn off even though the fan didn’t spin. I already tried to reball the APU, change the capacitors (3 tantalum capacitors), reball the southbridge, but all of this has no avail.

So i wanna ask you guys if there’s any possible attempt to fix this other than what i’ve done?

Thank you for your time.

i suggest replacing the southbridge instead of rebaling and check if there is any corrosion somewhere in the board


Allright thanks mate, i’ll try that. No corrosion on the board though, i already tried checking it like six times. I’ll try replacing the southbridge. Thanks for the respond

Hello, i have the same issue, mine sometimes takes One sec or about 10sec but always Turn off after that. When it takes 10 SEC the fan have the same symptons like yourself. Already put whashers um tpu plate, changed thermal paste and cleaned it all.
If have some tip i appreciate. Thanks in advance

If you have BGA machine i suggest to reball first. In your case i think the problem is on the solder ball which sometimes didn’t connected to the board.

Hi, did you find any solution for this? got the same problem here with SAE-001 board.

No, that wouldn’t fix it because the problem is in the chip itself. It will sometimes temporarily fix it from being exposed to heat, but the solder can’t physically crack in any way, shape or form unless its fall damaged.