PS5 Digital Game Crashes (CE-108255-1)


I have a Digital Edition PS5. I got it right after Christmas and loved it ever since.

But since the day I got it I haven’t been able to play certain ps5 games. Ps4 games work just fine, no issues at all. But when I try to play MWII for example, the game will start loading and at some point within the loading screens, it will just freeze and then give me the error code (CE-108255-1)

I’ve gone through every single troubleshooting option on PlayStation support. I have the box to send my ps5 to get repaired. I’m not sure how much it will cost because I purchased my ps5 (Brand New) from Facebook marketplace and he isn’t sure if he has the correct receipt.

I have a few theories on what could be the underlying issues and the two biggest ones are “Networking Issues” or “Liquid metal on APU”

Here are a list of games that do and don’t work.


God of War: Ragnarok (PS5)

Hogwarts Legacy (PS5)
( I actually started getting this issue with this game but managed to be able to play over 2 hours before it crashed)

Skyrim (PS5)

Fortnite (PS5)

COD: MW2 (PS4)

Red Dead 2 (PS4)

Don’t Work

MW2 (PS5)

Rainbow Six siege (PS5)


Hogwarts Legacy (PS5)
Works sometimes

I think it’s worth sending in, look at the bottom you should see when the console was manufactured, if this is within 12 months you are usually good to go even if you have the wrong receipt. It’s when you have the wrong receipt and that manufactured date is older than 12 months they may not repair the unit, they’ve been strict this generation with the console warranty and aren’t allowing as much wiggle room as they used to.

Propably an SSD issue. Format your ps5. Install a m.2 SSD and install everything on the m.2 SSD and nothing on the internal SSD. This could fix your issue.

I’ve tried this a while ago to no avail….

I feel like it’s got to do something with either the ram, or Liquid Metal dry spots.