Ps5 diodes causing no display?

Hi, so I bought a ps5 off of eBay that said it had a problem with the display, and I thought it would be an easy HDMI port fix. But upon opening it up, there does not seem to be anything wrong with the HDMI port but I did notice that some diodes seem to have burst under the LAN port and I was wondering if this could be the issue causing the no display or if I should go ahead and replace the hdmi port anyways

lightning strike mostly based on the LAN port components burst. Does it even turn on normal at beginning(white light´╝ë and controller can get connected?

Yes it turns on normally and connects, even my tv recognizes that a ps5 is connected on the inputs menu, but no display at all

AS with ps4 console the HDMI ic or components in the HDMI circuite