PS5 disc drive has power but not accepting or ejecting discs

Hi. A little bit ago my PS5 became roach infested and part of dealing with them involved me disassembling the PS5 for repair. Everything worked just fine before disassembly btw. I went ahead and took the console apart (including disc drive). and cleaned things up with isopropyl alcohol and electronic contact cleaner where necessary and left everything sit for a day. I then reassembled everything partially to test and make sure nothing broke. I first noticed that when inserting a disc, it would go halfway in then the console would immediately shut off. So I took the drive apart again, double checked everything, then left it partially apart to test and sure enough it took the disc in just fine. when I ejected it it came out but all the motors kept running once the disc was out and began ramping up, so I turned it off and back on and now the drive no longer functions properly. I worry that leaving the top casing off most of the way prevented the drive from knowing the disc was ejected so it kept spinning.

In terms of troubleshooting, I found that the switches that the black arm on top of controls still work (will power on the console and will give the proper eject noise when a disc is in and the eject button is pressed) but the rollers and reader itself do not work. I verified that all cables are properly plugged in as well as removing the dc motor from the assembly to test it and make sure it worked. I wonder if I maybe blew a fuse related to the eject and read functions. No spin up of discs when one is manually placed in either.

Any idea where to start? I have done micro-soldering before so I would be comfortable replacing a burnt fuse, but I don’t begin to know where to look. The board has no sign of visible damage so knowing where to start with a multi meter is tricky. Anyone else experience this issue or can help me find some resources?