PS5 low amps during first boot stage, no power

Hello, first time working on the infamous no–power PS5. I found shorts around the south bridge that were resolved after its removal, however after replacement I am still getting no power nor any beeps or lights. I have been troubleshooting using a few different comprehensive guides, and I’ve found that I get proper voltage on all 12V, 5V, and 3.3V rails. While connected to my power supply and injecting 12V into the board, I am drawing about 20mA where it stays for a few seconds before dropping to 8. I am aware that this number needs to be 30 - 7. I am a bit stuck as it seems as though it should be powering on, but I get absolutely nothing from it. I am wondering where I should look next, and appreciate any advice! :smiley:

The southbridge is a bit sensitive about flux under the ic after soldering a new sb. I would heat the sb a bit, till the flux is liquid again and slush it out with IPA.

I would check with UART that the sb is alive and check for error codes.