PS5 Overheat Problem

Hello Guys,

I have a PS5 that was overheating and turning off… However now it stopped turning on completely, also no blue light and I only hear a beep when I press the power button.

I opened the console, identified a bad fuse and also a shorted capacitor in the F7502 circuit, replaced the capacitor and the fuse and now I tried to turn on the PS5.

It now gives blue light and goes back to white but after 3 seconds the fan starts spinning fast and it turns off… I tested it without the cooler on it, just the fan, could that be the problem?

Will anyone be able to point out the reason?
The board has no shorts anymore and everything looks ok…

Thank you all !

What do you expect? The cooler and the liquid metall are there to transport and spread the heat from the APU. Without the cooler the APU will reach its shutdown temp very quick.

Yes but nothing in the screen… turns off really fast in my opinion…
I dont think thats the problem because without the fan for example the console must turn on and only turn off when apu reaches the temp… so why it must be different with the cooler?

I mean, every console I know can turn on without the cooler why this one can’t ? at least you could see something in the screen?

Maybe I didn’t understand you correct. Did you put for your test the mainboard back on the heat spreader and put the cpu clamp back?

The PS5 goes in 200W power consumption simply when entering Login page. If you wipe out liquid metal and disconnect the fan, I’m pretty sure it won’t say on.
Try go into safe mode if you really don’t want the fan connected.
Like @Calvin said, without CPU clamp/screws in, it won’t even have enough time start up before forcing shutdown by overheat.

I had no idea about that, thats probably why after white light appears that the fan start spins fast and it goes off…
I will try it with the cpu clamp/screws in and test if it stills goes off or not…

Thank you so much guys !

It turns on now and work fine with everything assembled, but when I run a game, the console heat a bit and after 10minutes it turns off… Is liquid metal the only problem that could cause this or is there also some circuit on the board that also can cause that issue?

Thank you guys.

Did you reapply certain amount of liquid metal back on APU?