PS5 shoutdown in certain games

Hello everyone and I thank those who will answer me in advance.

I also have a problem with a ps5, when I enter certain games it suddenly stops.For example, if I play Rocket League, nothing happens, I played continuously for 2 hours, but if I start Fortnite, it stops.I refreshed the metallic liquid and tried with another power source, nothing changed.
I also have a video but I don’t know where to put it.
Excuse me if I didn’t write correctly. :blush:

Do you get an specific error code or message or does the PS5 shuts off completely?
Upload your video at a hoster and share the link. (add a ‘_’ before the link, if you post the link here. (_http))

no error nothing,if I’m just in the menu and not looking for a match, it doesn’t stop.

If you already checked the APU for dry spots and renew the liquid metall, clean the fan and the heatsink, I would check another AAA title if its also shutting the PS5 down.

basically it’s like new and I don’t understand why it keeps stopping

Would be interesting to know if other games are making the same problem.

Does it always apears at the same spot/time? Or are you sometimes able to enter the map?
Is this a loading bar on the left of the screen before the shutdown?

I’m not sure at PS5s, if there is blue light and a beep sound at a shutdown due to overheating. Maybe @jkyoho can confirm this.

After the shutdown, does the PS5 reacts on pressing the start button normal? (no delay, no multiple pushing before reaction, no “something went wrong” or “checking” screen)

I also tried the same problem on MotoGp as soon as the race starts after 20 sec it stops, after the first press on the button stops it doesn’t react and then it works normally.I don’t have many games to test but in Rocket league and Astro’s Playroom it works without any problems for hours and nothing and nothing happens.It’s a ps5 CFI-1216A.
This error can also be caused by the thermal pads because I noticed that they are not in a very good condition?

Did you had a dry spot on your APU?

everything seems to be fine there, no dry spot

The thermal pads are there to ensure good connection between ics and the shielding to spread the heat. If they are dirty/dusty/not mounted, it could result in overheating and shut down.

PS5 is overclocked from factory to keep pace with Xbox Series X. To get rid of the additional heat Sony had to switch from thermal paste to liquid metal. As result PS5s reacts really sensitive problems at cooling.

should have contact sony for repair at first place. Since your device is 1200 series. I doubt any thermal related within only less than a year out from factory.
Try a backup and format/reset console from safe model but I wonder this is more tend to be a SSD controller issue