Roach infested PS4 won’t turn on PLEASE HELP

Ok so I bought a PS4 in a lot of other tech and it had roaches when i pressed the power button it turns on beeps then shuts off no other beeps and fan doesn’t spin so I took it apart and cleaned it with 99% alcohol all good but It still did the same thing so I’m thinking it might be the power supply I have another ps4 slim so I was thinking if I should take out the power supply and test it with the other but I was worried if it’s something else like shortage and might burn it out or something but then I looked on YouTube and it said it might be the APU but that’s a whole other problem and by the way it’s not the blue light of death. So should I change the power supply or not risk damaging the good one?

You won’t damage anything by trying the other power supply in it. Just make sure it’s from the same model as each model of Slim takes a different power supply. It’s most likely just a power supply issue.