Seems to boot but no display

Hey, i have a PS5 (EDM-010) that seems to boot normally (pulsing blue light → constant white light). I compared some standy-voltages with another EDM-010 board and found some where missing.

The top right one should be 0.8V, the top left should be 1.7V and the bottom left should be 3.3V.
Does anyone know, where these voltages are generated? I found no shorts on these lines, just missing voltages.

I checked the filters and changes the HDMI-Encoder with no change. The HDMI-Port looks perfect.

I´m about to despair on this one so ANY help is highly appreciated.

(Since i cannot upload images or post links lets try it this way - ibb .co /W6gGH5r remove the spaces and add https)