Sega GG power issue

Hello everyone, I am new here and to repairing consoles so please bare with me. I have recently purchased a Sega game gear with a power issue. Turns on and works perfectly for about 4 minutes then powers off, turn it back on and it powers off immediately, take out the batteries and put then back in and it does the same thing. So I did some research as to what could be the issue and nearly everything I came across stated the same thing, replace the capacitors. So I purchased it and did so following many youtubers and guides along with the sega game gear service manual I could find online. The motherboard looked great for its age and zero signs of leakage anywhere on any of the boards. I replaced all the caps with the correct (uf/pf?) Microfarets. (Sorry if my spelling is off). All (v) is correct or higher then required as stated in many things I have seen and read. Although the issue remains. I have cleaned the boards during and after everything and now I am at a loss. I cannot figure it out or find anything that might help point me in the right direction to get it fixed. Please do let me know if there is anything more I can do or any knowledge that I may have missed somewhere. Thank you