Shorted Caps Next to BQ

Hey there, I’ve got a switch with a shorted cap in between BQ and the coil next to it. With the coil, BQ ic, and the cap itself removed the short is still present. Also, the cap right above it behaves strangely. When the battery is connected it reads -600 but with it disconnected it had a normal value. Does anyone have any ideas as to what’s causing the short?

This is the VSYS line. It delivers power to the most ics.
Maybe you are lucky and you can find the short by looking for an heat spot.
Or you are able to see something at the spots which indicates a broken cap or ic.
In my case a bypass cap from the max77621 left from SoC was broken and shorted the whole line.

For me it has often been the MAX chip just below the SOC also.

Yup it turned out to be a cap right next to the max ic under the SOC. First cap causing a short for me. Thanks for the help!

Was a cap next to the max ic that was causing the short, not sure if it was the bypass cap though. Thanks for the help!

this cap shorts aswell if you have a faulty ALC audio chip.
I’m only mentioning this, if some stumbles on this thread

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