SO annoyed with the newer "v2" PS4 HDMI PORT design


Today was just ran out of the old type hdmi port and started using this new extra 2 support leg design port. Pins and everything fit but after assemble the ps4 and test, this newer design has way more gap/loose than older one. By only lifting hdmi cable a bit with bare force, signal goes away.
I have tried 2 new port same result.
After spending some time talk and compare with older design port, NEW port actually missing the black space filler plastic piece(in the red square mark), which replaced with 2 supporting leg further at the edge of board( when proper solder on).
no mater how many time readjust or reinforcing with more solder, this is by sony design week point at the pin(through hole legs)side, when cable plugin the through hole leg will act like a lever. The xbox hdmi port has more through hole legs than Playstaion port and far more secure desgin.