Switch charges with USB-C in one way round, but not the other

I got this Switch with the fault described as the console not working in the dock. When testing it I found that it worked perfectly in handheld mode, but indeed did not connect to the dock, either for charging or for display out.

When I connected a charge cable I found that the console will only charge with the cable in one way round - insert it one way, the console charges as normal; turn the cable around and nothing. I assume that’s why it won’t work in the dock - that must require it to be the “faulty” way around, and obviously I can’t put it in the dock the other way so no way to test that.

The charge port looks intact, but I’m not ruling that out. What else could be the cause of this?

It could be a problem with the cc line which communicats which way around the usb 3 cable is plugged in. Or it could be a problem with the usb c port. Maybe loose pins or pads on the board or bent pins in the connector.

I would check the both cc lines for continuity from connector to the M92T36 and check if they have good values in diode mode.

sounds like ubs c connector was replaced and inner pins didn’t solder properly…

Thank you - I will check this when I get a chance. How do I know if the diode values are good?

I think not in this case - there is no evidence of soldering whatsoever so I don’t think it’s been replaced, and the USB port looks intact as in no damage at all and all pins look connected to the board. But I will find out for sure with the continuity test.

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Depending on the multimeter You will use, You will slightly other values. If the written value shows 500 and your measurement says plus minus ~50 it should be ok. But if you get 0 mV or OL instead or I would say more than plus minus ~100 mV in compare to the other measured values I would check it further.
0 mV would mean there is a connection to ground. OL would mean there is no connection.

Hi Calvin. What does it mean if both cc1 and cc2 line measures 0?

Is it m92 chip?

I remove the USB port and measure the contacts and if comming in at 0 front and back or USB port too

Both lines are shorted to ground. Maybe the esd protection ic is shorting the lines to ground (the little ic with six feets at the second picture of my first post) or there is no connection at the CC1 and CC2 pins at the M92T36 or the M92T36 is broken.

Thanks Calvin. It’s the M92 chip. Changing that solves the problem. The esd Ic is not on my board so I went ahead n changed m92.

You helped me solved two boards. Let me know if I can return the favor in spare parts or donations

Thanks again

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