Switch charging@0.4A but no sign of life

First of all: English is not my native language -> If you find spelling mistakes, you can keep them :slight_smile:

The problem I am encountering is as follows: I’ve bought a defect Nintendo Switch. I’ve never repaired something like that but I do have a good knowladge about electronics. After watching Steve’s Video I thought this one might be an easy fix: The console won’t turn on.

First thing I checked was the charge port: looked good. I then plugged a USB-cable in and noticed that it will charge only in one orientation. Also it charges only at 0.4 amps. However, the screen didn’t turn on and I cannot power it up (as expected). What is interesting, is that my multimeter reads 5V on the testpad on the motherboard either direction

Then I opened up the console and measured the voltage of the Battery: It was pretty much drained (2.3V). I let it plugged in for a long time, my charger reported to have pushed ~10.000mAhs into the Switch… However, the battery was only charged up to 3.8V and wont charge any higher using the switch as a charge Controller. The Screen still won’t turn on during charging, nor will it power up.

My Question is: Might this be fixable and if yes, which parts might be faulty?

Thanks in advance and kind greetings,

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Are there any shorts around any of the capacitors?

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Damn, there’s shorts all over the board.

Hopefully the display is still usable for possible futur repair… Luckily this unit hasn’t been very expensive and came with all the accessoirs.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for not checking for shorts in the first place :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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