Switch diagnosis help

Like a lot of people, I’m having issues with a Switch that apparently won’t boot or charge. I’m relatively new to tinkering with electronics, so I may be missing some tools of the trade, but hopefully someone here can help with the information I do have. When I plug in a USB-C tester, the system draws about 4.8V, but no amps and shows 999.999 Ohms. I tried with the battery removed, and it started pulling 0.29 amps at 5V with 17 Ohm resistance. I replaced the battery, hoping that was it since it was the easiest and cheapest solution, but even with the new battery, the numbers are identical.

I assume this is an issue with one of the chips that commonly need replacing, either M9, BQ, or P13. As far as I understand, if my resistance is “infinite” (999.999 Ohms is the max value on the tester), then I don’t have a short. I’ve ordered a multimeter to try to properly diagnose my problem (after learning how to use a multimeter, obviously), but I’m wondering if someone here could be able to diagnose my issue with the information I’ve provided.