Switch fan goes to 100% whenever i turn the switch off

Hey everyone.
I just worked on my first liquid damaged switch and ran into a weird problem.
First off, the liquid damage itself was not too bad, a few isolated places were very slightly eroded but easy to clean up.
Had to switch out the display because of a broken ribbon cable but after that the switch turned on fine and seems to work as expected.
However, whenever you fully power down the switch, the fan will start spinning at 100% and would keep going until the battery runs out.

I can confirm that it charges joy cons normally.
Also worth noting, it is a v2 without all the diode arrays.
I’ve seen the other two threads about this problem as well, however, thier solution does not appear to apply.


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I wanted to give a little update even though it is slightly frustrating.

I could never identify the exact area which was creating the issue, however i was finally able to get rid of it by just repeatedly cleaning the board with IPA and different kind of brushes.

I would have preferred if i would have located the culprit but having it fixed is what counts in the end.

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