Switch fan spins at max speed when console is fully off

Hi, I recently got a switch that had water damage and wasnt turning on. With the battery connected the console showed no signs of life and when I tried to charged it, the switch was drawing between 0.2 amps to 0.0 amps (oscilating). I checked for shorts but there were none. However when I disconnected the battery and plugged in the AC adapter, the fan started spinning at max speed. I then replaced the battery and the LCD screen (because the backlight connector was corroded) and now everything is working “fine”, except for the issue that when the console is fully off the fan spins at max speed (this doesnt happen in sleep mode or when turned on). It also happens when I reconnect the battery, then I have to press the power button once so the fan turns off and the console turns on. I would really appreciate some help :frowning: