Switch Lite Back Light Issue

Hello guys. I replaced the left joystick on my switch lite and now I am having back light problems. It powers on and works fine and all the controls work as well as the sound but the back light is completely off. I’m pretty sure the ribbon cable for the back light is pushed in all the way. The ribbon cable from the sideboard to the main board is held by some tape but it was like this when I purchased it and worked fine. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I’m having the same issue. Replaced the left analog and when I reassembled everything the screen is blank. I have sound and the touch is working as I can hear it click when touched. Any help would be appreciated

hey so i fixed it on my switch. I had to replace the right sub board completely. The ribbon cables and lcd all tested fine when i replaced the right board so I’m not completely sure what the issue was.

I have recentley replaced the same anolog and had the same problem i found that on the wide ribbon cable to the bottom left of the board the connecter it goes in to has a small white clamp that has to be pushed down onve the ribbon is inserted hope this helps