Switch Lite charges only one side

Hello everybody,

I have a little problem with a Switch Lite. I buy a faulty Switch and try to repair. The first issue what I saw, was the port. There was some bent pins. I change the port and the switch don’t start. I change the M92T36 Chip and the Switch was now starting. After this I can start the switch but I can’t charge it. I try to change the Bq24193 Chip and after this I find a short on the cap who goes to the coil, the big one on the left side.

After I desolder the Cap I had no shorts. But after I solder a new Cap I get a short. I can also start the Switch and I can charge it only one side.

The question is where came this short and what can I do? I change the Bq24193 Chip, I change the cap and I don’t now what I can do more. I check the fuse, the M92T36, the power pins and they seem to be okay.

The coil is ground on one side from my memory so that is not a problem. Do you have a usb c break out and check for value on the port ?

No, Iam sry I have not a USB Breakout. Have you a diagram if I would buy a one for Switch Lite? I only find a diagram for Switch but not for a Switch Lite with a Breakout.

I could get the values for you tonight if you get a breakout board.

I get a breakout Board now. Can you tell me where i must measure with the breakout Board and the values?

Red probe on ground, black on test point. I just tested this on a fluke 17b+