Switch Lite charging 0.41A but not powering on

I have a Switch Lite charging at 0.41A and it is not powering on. I checked the whole motherboard for shorted caps but could not find any except for these that are normally shorted to ground on both sides (I used a ground testing map someone posted here a while ago). The battery should also be ok (its voltage is 3.73V which should be fine).

The switch comes up as APX device on my PC when I plug it in, so I think the CPU should still be alive. It is also getting warm a bit when I leave it plugged in for a while.

Is there anything I can further diagnose on the mainboard or do you have any Idea what it could be?

I would appreciate any help

hi, i have a couple of these switch no power. i know its charging because i used a multimeter to directly measure the battery voltage and the voltage of the battery is rising. same as your i tested for short seemed to be fine. i also tried the board on a know good battery still the same. have you found solution for this ? the switch has no repair marks both of them seems like it has never been opened. I was wondering if this failure could be due to overheat? i noticed the thermal paste is quite hard and dry.

I also have a couple of Switch Lites with the same issue. Charging at 0.41A, not switching to 0.00 and fastcharge. They stay at 0.41A.
Anyone find a solution for this problem? Maybe MAX IC?