Switch lite no power / short?

Hi gang

Switch lite driving me nuts…

Tried charged battery and it will not boot up fully… showed an error forgot error code…
so thought it might be m92 since not charging showing zero Amps on meter

charge port diode readings normal…

Changed m92

showed charging for a min at 15v .411 A

no image on screen ( screen is good )

then it just droped to 5v 0.05 ??

noticed board getting hot… was mosfet right above charge port ( back side )
removed mosfet still getting a short…
removed caps and m92 and BQ and still have short ?

Some caps ( directly behind /other side of cpu )
are also same 40ohm short

maybe bad cpu since it never booted and gave that error?

I see all the other posts getting help, why not mine guys?? :thinking::pensive:

I dont have any ideas on the issue, but 40ohms behind the CPU is probably not a short. And if it booted to an error, i doubt the cpu was dead, at least at the point.

do u think i may just of not soldered the m92 correctly then? will a switch turn on with a charged battery and no m92 chip ?

Not sure on lites specifically, but on normal switches, with M92 removed it will beet to an error screen.