Switch lite wont power on after reflow


I’ve bought a Switch lite and it came with a blue screen issue.

I’ve reflow the CPU and RAM, the reflow seems to went well but after reassembly i’m greeted with a black screen.

The console is taking 15V 0.47mAh from the power supply.

When i press the power switch, backlight is on and i need to press for 12 seconds to turn the console off.

No sound

Can someone please help me ?

Thank you

Can you make a photo of your CPU?

Its still possible that other components are faulty, like the M92 or the fuel gauge

Thank for helping

I cant upload “media in a post”

M92 look ok, no caps are short

MAX77 look ok too, some low resistance around but no short

Do you have another idea ?

If you Post a photo or link to the photo I can Check if you burned the cpu

Also check if the console is in RCM Mode when you plug it into the PC with TegraRCM opened

I manage to upload this picture

I really dont think i’ve burned the cpu

Thank for your help.

It’s not really good to see, but the sealing around the CPU die looks brown to me.
On a normal CPU it’s grey/blue.
This can be an indication that it went to hot, too much heat got applied for too long.

I would change M92 and the fuel gauge, they can (and Do often) both fail even there are no shorts around. If this fixed your problem, than I it’s Most likely a dead CPU.

Have Luck!

Thank for your help.

I’ll change M92 and the fuel gauge as soon as i received parts.
Hopefully the cpu is ok.

I’ll close the topic for now and order parts.

Again thank you