Switch Lite ZR button loose

Hello, I just bought a Nintendo Switch Lite but I’ve noticed the ZR button is loose and wobbles around a lot. The ZL button doesn’t and it’s driving me crazy!

I was hoping to see how the buttons are secured into the device to see if it’s just a case of adjusting it but all the teardown videos skip over these buttons.
If anyone has fixed a similar issue or can just tell/show me how they buttons are supposed to be I would very much appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance!

First, you should get in there and check out and see if any screws at all are loose. You’ll need a Phillips triple 0 (000) and a Y screwdriver that Nintendo uses on everything. If that doesn’t work, try to take the back plate of the casing and clean it off with a clorox wipe.

How to get to the ZR and ZL buttons:
1: Unscrew the Y and Phillips screws on the back and gently pry the back off with a guitar pick or something that’s plastic and flat
2: Unscrew the Phillips screws on the large metal piece and take it off
3: Where the ZL and ZR buttons are, each one can come out. Take it out and clean it off with Isopropyl Alcohol and a Q-Tip (You can use Hand Sanitizer and a Q-Tip also). Make sure to get both of them really good. I can send you a video step-by-step of me doing it if you’d like.