Switch not boot 0,02A but no shorts

Where are you located? I’m in the UK if you want me to repair this for you if you don’t know anyone locally.

Though, this is the perfect way to learn, just know it might result in the permanent death mentioned above.

Thanks for your offer but I am from spain, i am doing it to learn and hobbie.
I tried first repairing a faulty ps4 with a broken hdmi port, video coil desolded an blueray mechanical problems with a succesfully result and now i am trying with a gifted switch without the same results :sweat_smile: it will be so satisfyer if i can fix it.
Thanks again for your time to help with this

I quick update, I soldered a new BQ and m92t36, now I have 0.10A but I doubt if I soldered correctly.
I’ll update this post with some pics but i’ll try again to solder them again or rework with the soldering iron the externals pads to be sure that the join is correct.

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