Switch not charging on 5V

Hi everyone,

I’m french, and I just starded buying some broken Nintendo Switch on eBay to learn about fixing them.
So far so good, the 4 first consoles i bought are fine.

But this one is pretty funny…
It came with a messed up USB-C port and a obviously blown P13USB and one HDMI filter. Replaced the three parts, and the console is back to life.

-Docks fine
-Charges on 15V with official Nintendo charger, both ways

But it doesn’t seems to charge on 5V. It draws 0.47A at startup, then goes to 0 (as usual) but it comes up again at 0.096 - 0.098 on my metter. And the battery voltage does not go up (or very very slowly).

-So I tried replacing M92T36: no change
-So I tried replacing BQ24193: no change

No shorts, no trace of liquid damage. Tried another battery, no change…

I really don’t know what to check next.
Does anyone had a similar issue, or a suggestion?

Any help would be apreciated.

Thank you very much.