Switch not charging on 5V

Hi everyone,

I’m french, and I just starded buying some broken Nintendo Switch on eBay to learn about fixing them.
So far so good, the 4 first consoles i bought are fine.

But this one is pretty funny…
It came with a messed up USB-C port and a obviously blown P13USB and one HDMI filter. Replaced the three parts, and the console is back to life.

-Docks fine
-Charges on 15V with official Nintendo charger, both ways

But it doesn’t seems to charge on 5V. It draws 0.47A at startup, then goes to 0 (as usual) but it comes up again at 0.096 - 0.098 on my metter. And the battery voltage does not go up (or very very slowly).

-So I tried replacing M92T36: no change
-So I tried replacing BQ24193: no change

No shorts, no trace of liquid damage. Tried another battery, no change…

I really don’t know what to check next.
Does anyone had a similar issue, or a suggestion?

Any help would be apreciated.

Thank you very much.

It’s possible that your D+/D- USB lines are damaged. I believe these are required for non PD chargers to work. It’s either going to be the filters just above the USB connector on the CPU side or damage to the SOC.


Thank you very much for your answer!

You are right! Short on one of the D+/D- lines, filters removed, still short on the SOC side.

Too bad for this unpatched Switch, it won’t be able to receive a payload. But I’ve learned D+/D- lines are required to charge on 5V!

Thank you again!

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did you check the port ?