Switch power issue

I have a Nintendo switch Mariko that overheated when it was in sleep mode, I only noticed this 90 minutes later when I picked it up out of its carrying case. After multiple failed attempts to boot up the Switch I took it apart and inspected the board. I don’t see any burned/damaged parts, and I know the battery still has charge. I measured that the switch is receiving 15V and 0.48 amp while charging and I noticed some issues around the max77812 IC. The big problem here is that I do not know what the normal values of the resistors are so I cannot tell if something is wrong or not, apart from the 2 resistors that don’t give me a reading at all which are likely broken. It might be important to note that the battery management IC is getting a little warm while I plug in the battery + charger, while the max77812 and its support stays cool. I attached an image with my measurements around the max77812 below, some advice or ideas would be highly appreciated. (all values are in ohms even if I forgot to note it.)
imgur . com /a/ B98RlvV

Did you check for shorted caps around the M92, BQ, and P13USB chips?

Sorry for the late response I was not home, the M92 has no shorts and so does the BQ chip, however I did find some issues with the big caps close to the P13USB chip (These are directly below the ram chips see image for details). But the caps connected to the P13USB seem fine.