Switch Powering and SD Card Issues

Hello all,

I have two issues that I can’t solve:

Powering - Occasionally, when powering the switch off the buffering symbol does not appear before full shutdown as it normally would. When this happens, the switch does not turn on without a hard reset, after the reset it turns on normally. This does not occur every time it powers off, maybe once every 5 - 10 shutdowns. I am not able to replicate this issue, and am at a loss for what it could be to fix it.

SD Card Reader - The SD Card Reader is not defective as I have tested it in another switch. I am thinking it is the port on the board that is defective. My issue is that I do not know what the port is called or where to get one to replace it without using another switch. Additionally, when plugging a SD Card into the reader, it cause the switch to freeze resulting in having to hard reset the system. Could this issue be linked to the above issue?