Switch V1 problem with right joy con

Hello, i have question does MAX77621AEWI have any to do with the right joy-con detection?
Switch normaly turn on but not detecting any joy con on the right side i try with 3 different, i check the rcm strap point under the socket by grounding it while pushing power and vol+ buttons to check if any functions work without connected joycon as it was one of the ideas to prove myself it’s not a connector issue. And it’s not working to. Someone have any clues wher to check ?

I would start with the basics. Have you checked for continuity from the connector though to the joycon rail? Checked for any corrosion in the rail or at the connector. If you have, and it is all fine. There are realy only two chips that it connects too. They both live on the back of the board in that area and have 6 pins. One labelled PU , and the other… well its just smaller, not sure if it has markings. I would check diode mode measurements at that point from the connector. That we we can work out which line is not happy.

And where can i find the replacement for those chips?

I am not sure you can easily, previously I have taken them from by board that had a dead CPU.

Anyone on forum sell those?

Funny situation, now 2 joy-con start working (docking in the console, before none of 3 that i tested do that, now one is not docking and two others work like a charm), i didn’t do nothing only measure the components, but RCM is not working.

Are thoes values correct? i look at the second side of the board and it look like on the photo…

Or that capacitor is burned and change colour + multimeter show me the 47ohm to the ground because of that? i don’t have that IC that is under the red cross. I search all over the switch but it wasn’t inside of it.

It’s look like that board. Can someone Give me that resistor and capacitor value please?
What’s the IC near the capacitor anyone know?