Troubleshooting Help | Boot Logo, No Shorts, No Charge

Purchased a switch for parts, need opinions on the exact problem

In summary:
-switch was stuck on boot logo, couldn’t enter recovery mode.

  • I drained the battery to see if that would be the solution
    -battery would not charge
    -no shortage on any capacitors
    -USB port looks to be in good condition, no bent pins

Previous owner could charge with a 30W Mac Charger, I can’t charge it with an OEM Switch Charger directly to switch. I’ve tried all troubleshooting solutions available on YouTube (remove joycons, hard reset, etc.)

I don’t have a USB output meter, so unable to test power draw.

My assumption:
Battery problem, and bricked software.

Ordered RCM jig, and battery. Once it arrives will update.

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

I purchased a new battery, hopefully that was the issue.