True short vs Low Impedance help

I am working on a Nintendo Switch and I just need clarification between a true short and low impedance caps. If there’s a true short on a cap, both ends should be about the same and near 0 Ohm? Low impedance would be one side say 15 Ohm or 30 Ohm 10 Ohm etc and the other side 0 Ohm? My multimeter seems to beep somewhere up to 200 Ohm or 150, not sure. I just know a beep doesn’t mean a short 100% of the time.

You’ve got it. Dead shorts will read whatever resistance you get when you touch your probes together, on both ends of the cap. I prefer diode mode (red probe on ground) for low impedance checks since I get an instant reading on my meter, with 0.000 being a dead short, and a voltage drop of ~0.200 or less (it varies) telling me I have a low impedance cap.