USB-C charges only one way & no video or charging when placed into official dock

I replaced the USB-C in a Nintendo switch. Now the Switch will only charge with the usb-c inserted a certain way. This is the most difficult thing on the switch for me to replace. I get them installed just fine but can only get charge with putting in the USB port one way. If I flip it over I get nothing. I’ve tried it about five times now. Also, when I place this particular Switch into the official Dock, nothing happens. The Switch Tablet screen stays on as if it is not even docked and no video is sent to the TV. There is no charging as well.

I am able to several other Switchs into the dock and it works just fine. The issue seems to be this one where I replaced the USB-C?

Any ideas?

Usually that’s caused by either a faulty video chip or filter near the video chip. Have you checked for shorted capacitors around the charge chip and the video chip?


We had this also once. We just placed a new usbC port on the switch and it solved the problem :slight_smile:


Yes, it could be that too. I’ve had to do the same thing

That worked! Thank you

Good to hear :slight_smile: