What is this components nearby LCD connector?


Can someone tell me if this component is well a capacitor ? Value ?
Mine is shorted both side on my Switch and also on two other one.
Is it possible that this “faulty” component has a role in missing TV dock image?

Thanks for help :wink:

I don’t know what that component is but usually if it’s just missing image when docked it’s caused by a faulty P13USB or one of the filters near it.

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Thanks for your reply.
I asked this question because I’ve changed the P13USB and the Switch is fully functional exepted when docked.

All chokes nearby the USB connector are controlled and all capacitors are OK concerning P13USB.

I also tested capacitors near M92T36 and all of them are not shorted.

So for me there is no other known problem and I was wondering if the capacitor in the picture has a role when docked because I changed two P13USB on two Switch and both have the same problem when docked with a short on this big capacitor.

What will you do in this case ?

Did you carefully test the filters near P13USB?

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Hmmm I tested the filters and have well continuity.

Capacitors well… normally they should be removed to be tested but I’m not very confident to remove and replace them properly.

So I reflowed P13USB but still no succes :unamused:

is there is a way to test capacitors without remove them ?

I think if P13USB was not well soldered I will not have charge and could not power on the Switch correct ?

You shouldn’t need to test the capacitors other than to make sure they aren’t shorted they very, very rarely go bad. Usually one of the filters is bad and causes this type of problem. Unfortunately, I don’t know what is causing it since you already tested those. Hopefully someone else will come along and give you some other ideas.

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On another post @FXDX suggest to change M92T36.
Mine is not shorted… so should I take the risk to change it ?

Some news, I received my USB tester and I read 0,47a and Switch is power on. The correct value should be more than 1a in function isn’t it ?