Where does the curcuit got after f7001?

Hi guys got a ps5 beep no power. F7001 is blown. Short on the far side but im struggling to trace. On the board it disappears into a bunch of vias but i lose it from there. Due to the short, and thus ground being common. I lack the know how to proceed. Im reluctant to inject voltage in case it goes to the apu. Anyone got any tips?

If the 12V line before F7001 and its mosfets are not shorted, there shouldn’t be a danger to damage the APU. And if you inject ~1V is should be ok even if this shorted powerline has a contact with a dataline.

This line goes to the most little bug converters on the board. So injecting voltage and see what gets hot maybe the best option.

F7001 is where 5v standby output goes, it certainly goes all around the board where ic requires 5v. RTxxx/DA9xxx chip and Infineo PWM chip ARE the APU power from. You don’t have to warry much on APU at this point.

Great thanks guys ill investigate that helps a lot. Might aswell chuck 1v in other side and take a looksie.