Where is the best place to sell Large Nintendo Switch lots for repair that I purchased from a Liquidation Company?

I finally have a access to a liquidation company that sells lots of Nintendo Switch Units. Some of the units I receive works and some do not. I purchased a couple of pallets (153 Switch Tablets Only) and would like to transition to selling the non-working ones to people that have the equipment and skills to repair these consoles.

*Note: I have opened and repaired 13 of these units so far and the only thing needed was a USB-C replacement. For anything beyond that, I am uncomfortable trying to repair. So far, none of these consoles that I repaired had been opened by anyone else as they were customer returns. There might be a few in there that have been opened but of the 13 I have repaired so far, they had never been opened or had attempted repairs.

I want to sell these units in whatever quantity is needed from 1 to 100 as little as possible with the smallest fees possible where the savings is passed on to everyone, depending on the number of units purchased.

My question:
Where is the best place to sell these consoles?

There are probably people right here on this forum that may be interested in purchasing these units. What price are you asking for the non working Switches?

Here are the prices I can provide depending on the number of units:

100 Nintendo Switch Tablets Only for $75 per unit
50 Nintendo Switch Tablets Only for $80 per unit
25 Nintendo Switch Tablets Only for $85 per unit
Under 25 Nintendo Switch Tablets Only for $90 per unit

All of my units that I sell are received and repackaged directly from the liquidation company I purchase from and then sent to you. This is not the “what am I getting” from Ebay Switch console as these consoles are retail returns.

Is that with shipping or would that be extra?

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I would buy a couple i’m always up for fixing stuff

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Mind if I ask which company you bought them from? I’m always interested to hear which ones are good and which are bad. I might be interested in buying a few Switches from you too.

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I apologize for the late reply. I am on California time so I may be a little late to some of you. Also, I am usually available either in the morning or late at night, again California time.

@Rudiemcska - Standard shipping is free. If you would like some other type of shipping then I ask that you pay for whatever shipping you want. If you choose a different shipping service other than the free service then you pay exactly what that amount is.

@PinkLightning - How many would you like and I will get them out to you asap. I can take payment by Paypal, Venmo, etc. You let me know how you wish to pay and we will go that route. I am not sure if I can post my payment information, please let me know @tronicsfix . I can also send you an invoice through whichever service works best for you.

@tronicsfix - I purchase through a Bestbuy liquidation company called Techliquidators. Techliquidators has a public site that anyone can sign up for and they have different tiers as far as if you pay sales tax or not. After purchasing a high volume of merchandise on Techliquidators for a significant period of time without any issues, Techliquidators will invite you to apply for their secret site that is not available to the public. This invite requires that a Techliquidator Representative visit and tour your facility. Upon approval of this process, you will receive access to the invite only version of Techliquidators. This is the source of my units.

I usually have a new shipment every two to three weeks. My inventory has been reduced since my last post.

My current inventory is:

Nintendo Switch - Console Only - (Power Issues) = 36 Units Available

I purchased another pallet today and will have this inventory next week. Techliquidators shipping usually takes about 5 business days to reach me. I will come back to this board and let everyone know when the shipment arrives. Here is my inventory coming in next week:

Nintendo Switch - Console Only - (Power Issues) = 82 Units Available

Nintendo Switch - Console Only - (Dock Issue will not project to TV) = 20 Units Available
*This dock issue means that the Nintendo Switch Console works in handheld mode but will not project to the TV once placed into the dock. I will be asking for $10 more of these consoles versus the Power Issue consoles because that is the higher price I paid for them.


I can be interrested to buy 1 to 10 switch (i’m new in the business)

how often you get this lot of switch cause next month i probably can buy some?

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@snake_eater4526 I receive new inventory every two to three weeks.

This is exactly what I was looking for! I saw a lot of six NS on the techliquidators public site but was not sure of the quality of the salvaged items and if they are a reliable supplier. You have come like you were sent @SaulGoodman

I did not see a way forward with gambling on ebay…

I’m also a noob at repair but have dabbled with it in the past and am always tinkering, thank you @tronicsfix Youtube videos for rekindling the fire of inspiration. I will be DM’ing you Saul

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@Whatdoesthisbuttondo - The inventory from Techliquidators is very reliable. The prices tend to get expensive on the public site but you can get something every so often for a good price. My advice is read the manifest and item descriptions carefully. Most do not come with accessories so keep that in mind when bidding on a load.

As far as my consoles that I have available, just let me know.

Hey there,
I believe you’re situated in the US, is that correct? Because I always am looking for a reliable source of used/defective switches and or other gaming consoles. But importing from the US would not be an option for me, since I am situated in Europe…


yeah me too and i’m want to know if @SaulGoodman can realy ships for free in europe… (France)

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@kage-chan - I am situated in the United States so the free standard shipping is only within the US. I can get a shipping quote for you if you like.

@snake_eater4526 - Unfortunately I cannot ship for free outside the US. I am happy to get you a shipping quote.

Also, I have taken the time to visually inspect the remaining units that I have and test the Amps. Normally I don’t have time to do this but I thought I would since I had some free time today. Here is a picture of the units I have left.

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yeah could be interresting for me to know the price for shipping in france

Also on the photo it’s the 0.40amps who most interresting me and also the bad usb port of course

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I’ve bought some stuff through them before and I’m always on the site looking for more! It’s good to know about the private program…that sounds pretty good. Thanks for the info.

BTW, we’re going to create a category for “for sale” items and we’ll move this over there once that’s done. Feel free to post there whenever you have stuff.

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@snake_eater4526 - I have units that range from 0.08 - 0.046. Numbers are all over the place. I have 13 units with bad charge ports. How many do you want? I will do a shipping quote tomorrow.

@tronicsfix - The public site has some nice inventory but with it being public, there are a lot more bidders driving up the price, which makes it virtually impossible to turn a profit with online fees and shipping. Thanks for creating the “for sale” category!

Well as i said i could buy 1 to 10 switch for the Time
So in this number …but could you tell me for 1 at least.

As i said i buy in november now… not october so don’t be sad, you could be have a new Loyal client in the future😅 @SaulGoodman

@tronicsfix such a good Idea (i love your work men)

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Trying to directly message you @SaulGoodman, think I haven’t unlocked it yet. A business email I can contact you at?

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@snake_eater4526 - I apologize, I didn’t completely understand but now I do. Can you provide me more information on your general location and I can get that shipping quote to you.

@Whatdoesthisbuttondo - I tried to send you a private message but it’s not working. Can you try to message me again and I’ll give you that info. I’m not sure if I can just post it here or not?