WLOD - No Image, Shorted Filters

Hello, I have a WLOD PS4, with no video or audio signal, the first thing I did was test the HDMI pins, testing directly with an HDMI cable it had continuity on all pins, moving on I tested the HDMI coils, which all had continuity, so my next best bet was the HDMI IC.
Got a new one, replaced it, and… nothing! I am not new to soldering, but I don’t do SMD soldering that often, and mostly simpler components than ICs, so I figured the problem was with my questionable soldering; removed it again, cleaned the pads, tried again, and still nothing. I tried running it without the metal plates, so I could apply some pressure to the HDMI chip, in case the problem was just poor connection, however I noticed some thin, very discrete smoke coming from the first coil.
I immediately turned it off and tested with a multimeter, the coil was in short, 3 out of the 4 coils were in short actually. That’s when I realized I never tested the coils for shorts, only for continuity.

My main question is, could these filters be the problem in the first place, and I completely missed it? And is there any way to know if I killed the new IC, or the board, without spending another $50 on a new one?