Xbox 1s power on then off

I’ve got a xbox 1s turns on, chim sound works, eject works, and also powers on when disc is inserted, no fan startup but turns off after 5 seconds. No display when it does it. I’ve checked the mosfets and all seem good, also replaced powersupply with a good one, same with a new fan. Any idea what my next step to check would be?

Usually this type of problem is caused by either a faulty APU or faulty solder joints under the APU

If it were power supply mate it wouldn’t even turn on but I agree likely apu that was a huge issue with the phat ps3’s their apu’s would come loose then they would stop powering on properly

I’m having a similar problem, I think. My xbox turns on for a few seconds, I can hear the fan, but it won’t connect to the tv. If I leave it alone for a few weeks, it’ll work like once but then that’s it. It did the same thing when I got a new HDMI cord, thinking that was the problem, but it worked maybe 3 times before it stopped working again. I’ve sent my console to be repaired by you twice already, but you said it’s fine. My guess is that it worked once because it was completely disconnected during shipping, do it worked for you first try. What do u suggest?

HI all
I have the same issue,
I have found using a Fan Mod Accelerator controller or just plugging the the 1st 3 pins from the fan headed (ground, power and sync) gets the fan to spin up on start up but it does not stay on.
I was wondering if anyone knows of a home APU fix?