XBox One S - No Power - Shorts on APU capacitors


I have a problem on my XBox One S. When I press on the power button, nothing happens.
Searching for information on TronicsFix vídeos and forums, I found that it may be a faulty power supply or a faulty mosfet.
I dissasembled the whole console and test the power supply, the power button and the three power mosfets.
Everything looks fine as far as I can say, so it seems in this case that is not the problem.
Looking around the board, I saw that the capacitors that are located right under the APU are all shorted to ground, so I think in this instance, the APU is gone and that is the problem, but I do not know if there is another part of the board that may show a short on this capacitors instead of the APU.

I’ll appreciate if anyone can help me if you faced this same issue previously.
Thanks in advance.