Xbox One S - Turns on, but powers off after 30 seconds, no visual on screen

I’m having this very same issue. Rather than post a new thread, perhaps some identical questions can get answered at the same time. In the short period that my XBox is on, I hear muted beeps and clicks that seem a lot like a bad hard drive.

  1. Replacing the hard drive will require installing the XBox operating system? Or is that built in to the motherboard with a solid state drive? Is there a place to get the OS for offline install?
  2. Is there a max drive capacity on the XBox One S?
  3. Any reason I couldn’t upgrade to an SSD?

Disregard my questions. I was able to get answers online, and this video was immensely helpful. All of my games are downloading now on to my new SSD drive!

Links aren’t allowed on the forum, but go to YouTube and look up this: Replacing an Xbox One S HDD with an SSD - LFC#214

And you’ll find a very detailed walkthrough of the process.

Just takes a 2.5 laptop hdd or an ssd if you so prefer

yeah they are you need a certain rank on the forum here to post links I can post them

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Actually I do mate cause I can post links here Actually learn something before you speak

It could be a compactor has gone bad or a mosphet not all the time its the apu it majority a mosphet