Xbox one X Scorpio edition. Blacked Screen

my Xbox one x screen Suddenly went black one day I’ve tried just about everything HDMI port is perfectly fine I was playing a game one day then the screen just went black after I exit the application. System stays on no power issues at all system didn’t fall or cable wasn’t pulled out Roughly…

Any suggestions Or repair options?

Most likely it’s the retimer chip in the HDMI system. Very common fault.

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Do you think you could fix my system or ?

Hey there,
at least @tronicsfix seems to have a pretty good idea where to start looking.
If you’ve done some hot air soldering before you should be able to replace it yourself, if you want to try. Otherwise, I guess @tronicsfix wouldn’t say no to repairing your system :wink:

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Only if you have a lot of experience with microsoldering and hot air soldering. I’m all for everyone fixing their own stuff but you have to know where your limits are or you’ll just do more damage.

I have not. I don’t have that type of Equipment laying around

tronicsfix i’ve watched plenty of your videos seems like you know what you are doing I just don’t have the equipment to do so otherwise I would.

i bought and xbox one and an xbox one x, both in non working condition, i replaced the xbox one one hdmi port and the xbox one x hdmi port and retimer chip, my only experience was you tube videos (i’ve seen a lot)… and guess what, yesterday i made them work… both… it’s a very exciting and satisfying experience, even when i was about to gave up… (now i have two spare consoles haha)… btw i had to buy a lot of tools and equipments, but it worthed… (i was just in the need to share this… haha)… thanks to @tronicsfix


Wow, that’s awesome. And impressive that you were able to fix the first ones you bought! Nice work. Those results are definitely not typical!


i know…!! even i fixed a sound bar with a blown fuse and a shorted cap… microscope helps a lot… i just want to get home to start with something else… (3 more xbox’s are in the way hahaha…) as a hobby it’s very expensive…

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Hey there,
wow, I guess somebody’s into repairing things now! Congratulations on your Xbox(es? :smiley: ) and your new hobby! :wink:
It’s always nice to see people actually repairing thinsg instead of thworing them away.


Haha thanks…and sorry, i didn’t know how to make the plural of xbox (english is not my first language)…

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So my question wasn’t answered.

Do you offer a repair service to fix the systems?

Mine need to be serviced

Sure, we fix lots of those:


OK thanks!

Question? Does my Xbox one X fit in the category of HDMI repair?

Also how long do the process usually take to repair the system?

Do I pay after or before?

Yep, that would be the correct order.
The time just depends on what you order. We have 3 and 5 business day options.
Most people just pay when they order but you can always order a free diagnosis and pay when the repair is done.

Thank you very much this really helps a lot.

I’ll do the free Diagnosis then pay when repair is done.

You wouldn’t know how much it would cost to ship something like that? Or do it depends on my post office?

It depends on how you ship it. Usually around $25-$30

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Okay thanks.

So when I get ready to ship it do I fall out the diagnostics form?

What diagnostics form? You just go to the link I gave you and submit the order on our website, then ship it out.

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