Yet another Wifi issue thread

So I took my Switch Lite for some cleaning after playing for long and I wanted to change the thermal paste. Did that, but the antenna shell on top of my Switch Lite caught my eye because it was rusted. I unscrewed it from the body of the handheld, cleaned the rust off with some metal polishing paste then, screwed it back into place and then connected to the board.

Now, my Switch Lite won’t pick any network. By the way, all of the networks it detects are now with the weakest signal (1/3), wireless stays on 1 out of 3 and it drops more often – but it doesn’t matter, as it won’t connect to anything.
I’ve tried replacing the pair I’m using with another one that I got from another Switch Lite, no result. I guess I should reflow or solder a new one but my Bluetooth controller still connects to my Switch Lite and plays just fine, so could the issue really be with the wifi chip?

PS>: I’m aware ths thread (/t/siwtch-wifi-issues/5381/5) already mentions Wifi issues, but the other person’s switch lite’s wifi signal comes back after plugging the battery back in, but mine doesn’t do that.

Where do I go from now, other than reflowing the chip?
I need some assistance, thank you for reading this.