You you guys help with my ps4’s, thanks

I’ve got 3 ps4 originals and I’ve mixed up the disc drive mother boards. Is there a way I can find out which ps4 they go in?

Yep just see which one works and which one doesn’t easiest way they won’t fry the board if it’s the wrong one they will just ignore it’s presence or give an error

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Now they don’t drag the discs in :thinking:

you can try to reinstall the system, so if it works thats the right one…

I’ve literally tried that and everything

ok, check the daughter board fuses before, if they are blown ps4 is not going to recognize them…

Which ones😂 there are heaps

no, there are just a couple… check on daughterboard, they are indicated with an F…

There is not really a way to figure it out. Just try one drive in each PS4 and if it works then move on to the next one. Once you find the working drive. Then you could move on to the next one.

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