0.10A ; fuse right above the usb-c shorted


I got some issues with this one. It charges with 0.10A and the fuse seems to be shorted.
Anybody encountered this issue? I’m clueless…

Size fuse is 0402, 2.5-3.5A 32V.
Check the USB-C port, test in diode mode this like in pictures, and check the video
With the multimeter check pin 5 and pin 6 on M92t36. Plug the charger. If you have between 3 - 6v on pin 5 and 6, then M92t36 it’s ok.
Does the console start?

Hi, I need to change that fuse since it doesn’t work, do you think this one will work? It is size 0402 3.5A 32V