0.41 Amp charge, no display or fast charge


So having a really hard time with this switch here so I’ll try my best to describe what I’ve done and what’s went wrong and hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction.

So I have a switch here that had the P13USB chip blown, 3 pins blew with the pads and I have repaired those. During this I lost a few caps so took some from a donor board and managed to get the switch to boot to the switch logo before powering back off so I suspected it was my traces that weren’t making connection with the chip so messed about there and ended up moving everything near the realtek audio chip so reseated everything there.

Found the M92T36 chip was also gone so replaced that and now was getting charge at 0.40/41 but now no display again. Found out I had a ball of solder bridging two caps and a piece of copper wire too so removed those but again no display and then I found a short on the DAC amplifier next to the realtek audio chip, removed that, short gone but still stuck on 0.41 amps and no display.

Am finally at a loss and don’t know where the issue may lie and feel It’s something I’ve caused along the way considering I had display but now do not.

Here are some pictures of the area where the DAC amplifier is. Also noticed that a lot of caps are either grey or discolored compared to the caps on my donor board or the ones on the fully functioning board I have here. I’m not sure if it’s normal or maybe there’s liquid damage to the board in the past.

First picture is of the board I’m trying to fix and the 2nd picture is of the donor board. I’ve circled the suspicious caps and wondering if this is just beyond repair at this point.

EDIT: For some reason I cannot post pictures here so I’ll link the photos. Okay so cannot include links either. What is the point if I can’t provide any information about my issue