0.46 charging, no LCD: Missing Capacitor near ALC5639 and shorts near Max77620

Good Evening. I have a switch V1 that is charging at .46 but no LCD. When I first got the switch it was charging at 0.9. After the m92 replacement it started charging at the 0.46. I replaced the Max17050 and no change. I’ve been poking around the board and found that I must have knocked this capacitor off. Could anyone identify it for me? Do you think this missing cap could be causing my issue?

I have also measured the following voltages which do not match the guide on this website:

Sorry, my photo will not upload.

The 4 volt line always reads 3.6V and the 5 volt point reads 0. A couple 1.8V points are reading either 0 or 0.6V. This is with the battery plugged and and the switch being powered through USB.

Also, The three components circled in yellow are each shorting (again, no photo upload. It is the three large components in a line directly to the left of the max 77620 IC). I have check what I believe to be all of the other low hanging fruit (bq, p13, ect…) for shorts and have not found any.

My instinct is telling me the Max 77620 is bad and is preventing me from getting to boot. I don’t really want to remove it and then test for shorts just yet as this is a BGA chip and I don’t have a replacement. (I am also not confident in my experience yet).

Auto RMC is off and I can boot into TegraGUI. In Heketate the LCD and backlight work fine and I am not seeing any errors on the battery level (plus is says it is fast charging but I don’t believe it because my meter still says 5V 0.46 amp)

Thanks for any advice!

I have almost exactly the same issue on one, same shorts to the left of max77620, I have pulled and replaced m92, I’m getting .46A (which for me is common when m92 is bad.) I even pulled off the max 77620 still getting shorts on the components to the left. Not finding any other shorts around the low hanging fruit either. I don’t think the capacitor you knocked off is causing the others to short to ground but certainly could need to be replaced if the main fault could be determined. I don’t know that I’m going to put much more time into the one I have. If I wasn’t in the same boat as you I would recommend changing m92 again or checking it’s connected properly.

Thanks for your input. I miraculously found that component when I was cleaning up my desk a bit and replaced it. No changes to anything (not that I expected any). My 77620 arrived today so I’ll see if I get the same result as you. I’ve changed the m92 twice before my post and reflowed now a couple times so in this case I don’t think that is my culprit. I will reply here with my outcome once I find time to work on it

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Well I finally found time to sit down and replace the max77620 and I am still sitting with the same problem, except this time I may have made things worse. Before, I was getting power on all the 1.8 and 3.3 check points but as of now the only power rail I get is the 4v constant. I assume I should replace the chip again tomorrow and see if that restores my power rails, unless you may have better advice.