1.8 voltage out of PS5 EDM-020 02C chip

I have a PS5 EDM-020 board. PS5 would beep and get a brief blue light when trying to power on. I have 12v out out power supply to board. Looking for shorts, I found on the back side of the 02C chip at the f7002 circuit was all shorted to ground. I was curious if anyone has had this issue and knows where that voltage is supplying so I can try to find what’s causing the short. I do not have a voltage injection system so that’s out for me under I can order one. Have a second board on the way to compare tests. Any help would be great!

I am having the same issues although no blue light and maybe a beep every 20 presses of the power button.
I checked 12v and that was fine. Checked 5v on the F7002 and it’s there but the output seems to be grounded.

I used a bench PSU to check the amp draw and it goes to 30a and then back to around zero when i power it up.

Can anyone help me with what to check next?

I have images of the board and voltages I can see but am unable to upload them here?

I ordered a voltage injection tool and a thermal camera. Should be here Sunday or Monday and I am going to injection voltage on the back side of the f7002 chip to see what gets hot, I will keep you posted on my findings

I have the gear to inject voltage and a thermal camera but unsure where to inject it.
Here are images of what I have on my board:

Well, I would have put the images here if i could upload them. I hosted them on my website but was unable to put links in here either.
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If you have have short on the back side of the f7002 chip then inject voltage on the power side of a cap and it should show the component that is getting hot from being shorted. I watch a lot of northridge fix, Alex has a video showing him find a short on a laptop motherboard. If I find that video I can share it with you.

Thanks for the reply, so the cap that has 5V on it? Wish you could see the images of it
I am unable to put images here or links

If you are having a short on the back side of the f7002 that puts out 5v. Use your voltage injection tool on the 5v power side of the cap. If you want to txt me some pictures I can try to help that way. I’m still learning all this stuff but I can try to do what I can

I got my thermal camera and short killer today and found either the wifi controller chip or several caps on the back side of the board in that location are bad. I am removing the controller chip to see if short goes away. Also found 3-4 caps on the back side shorted to ground which makes me believe the chip is out. Hope this helps

If you have the 02C chip pin7(VIN) 5v short, you could inject voltage from the 1R0 inductor on left side on HDMI IC too see if any caps or stuff getting hot.
Otherwise, Vout of 02C chip short is either 1.8v short from F7002 side or 3.3V short from CPU side. Those voltages line could leads to everywhere on boards. From my exp, EDM-020 board has often time Caps under wifi chip goes short, and those caps on 3.3v and 1.8v accordingly.

Hey there. Thanks for this comment, As I was able to locate a short on the pin 7 of the 02C chip. I did not quite understand the part where voltage should be injected from the 1R0 inductor on left side on HDMI IC. I can’t locate this 1R0. If you could please help me out by helping me locate it that would be really appreaciated. Cheers

if you couldn’t even find out the Giant 1R0 inductor or where the 5v standby generated from, I don’t think voltage injection is safe for you to work with.

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Thanks for this. I have only attempted voltage injections on GPU’s motherboards. Would be my first time with a PS5.

Hello There, I was able to locate the short. But I am now unsure about the value of that cap since I do not have a donor board. Is there a form of datasheet or schematic I can use.

post the picture of that cap and maybe someone has same board can measure the value

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