2 broken PS4s can’t fix either

The first PS4 stopped working recently. It was all working perfectly fine when randomly the too many usb devices connected message came up and then both USB ports stopped working. I tried to initialise the PS4 in hopes this would solve the problem but it didn’t and now I can’t connect a controller to the console in order to go through the start up screen. I’m not sure whether this is a software or hardware issue but any help is appreciated.

The second console I recently got from a friend but did not work from the start. The PS4 will turn on the light comes up blue then the fan runs extremely loud/fast then it will shut off and beep three times and to try again you have to then press it once where it beeps and does nothing then do it once more and the process repeats. There is nothing obviously amiss with the console but I am not sure what I should really be looking for. Any help would be very greatly appreciated, thanks

Console #2 is overheating, by the look of things. Open it up and re-paste it.