2 Switch Lite Units Ultra Fast Battery Drain

Hi ! I have 2 Switch Lite units both batteries gets discharges ultra fast, changed batteries and keeps doing it. Any idea what vpuld it be? it gets draines 1% every 10 seconds. Thanks

Would like some help if possible, just got a call.in for another switch lite with same problem. This is getting a bit frustrating lol :confused:

Dunno if your still having this problem but it could be caused for a variety of reasons.

What I’d do is, with the battery disconnected measure resistance to ground on the battery terminals (comparing to a known good) and work your way back, something is obviously dragging a rail down and causing excessive current draw (assuming it’s not a fuel gauge problem) which could really be as a result of a problem on any sub rail too.

As such, further troubleshooting/diagnosis is required… a history of any prior repair work might provide clues…