2017 NS Fan and WiFi problems

Hello folks!

My NS fan work only if consol DC-IN is plugged. As soon as unplugged from wall charger, fuled only by internal battery, fan stop working.
The other problem is that Wifi is not working while BT works perfectly.

Long story short, this NS wifi chip has been replaced, and this is the right chip for my motherboard since it was working after replacement (wifi and BT too) for few days, thant error pop up on the consol and wifi gone. Replaced again using an other chip from the same supplier and only BT works as before. Doing this I noticed that wan act as described above, there is anything that could summarize this two symptoms togheter?

Thank you so much!

I know this is a late reply, but have you checked the 2 caps near the APU shield? When they go bad, the Wi-Fi stops working, while Bluetooth does not… BTW, the caps can be good and the trace be broken, but it gives the same problem.