2101-001 Even after Known good M9 Replacement

I’ve got a switch that was booting to the 2101-001 error code. After replacing M9 (which had shown no shorts) the error code persisted. I’ve since removed PI3, replaced BQ, and replaced the audio IC. Any ideas as to where I should go from here?

double, triple, quadruple check your work on m92.

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When does the error return?

In my case the 2101-0001 returns after plugin the original 12V charger. At 5V charging it doesn t blow up.
I replaced the m92t36 multiple times and I’m sure the soldering of the m92t36 isn’t the cause. But I couldn’t find out which line has false voltages, which fries the m92t36 everytime 12V are present.

It shows up when the switch is booting straight from the battery, no charger plugged in. It shows immediately after the second Nintendo switch logo (which occurs after the first logo transitions into a black screen for 4 seconds or so, odd)

I once had a switch that kept frying perfectly working M9s. Turned out that it was the charging port, despite it looking structurally intact.